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Check It!

29 Apr

The artwork in this video is too dope, and if you really listen to the song you can tell the bands view of politicians/politics is probably the same as you and me!


New Artist, New Talent

28 Apr

Suttar Unchai is one of the newest members in the CMYK Collectives Family.  You can see some of his recent work below.  You can check out to see all of his work. 

Nike - Just Do It.



“Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Trailer Out!”

28 Apr

“Have You Ever Played Marvel Vs Capcom 1 or 2? Get Ready For Marvel Vs Capcom 3! Check Out The Trailer Below!”

Just a few banners I’ve done…

23 Apr

Another little look at just some of what we do…all of these banners have gone live online.

Malus x MusicSkins 1

Malus x MusicSkins 2

Malus x MusicSkins 3

Malus x MusicSkins 4

EWOKONE x MusicSkins

Crooks and Castles X MusicSkins

Clout Magazine x MusicSkins 1

Clout x MusicSkins 2

RIP Guru!

21 Apr

It is with deep regret that I say Gang Starr’s Guru has passed away.  This is a MAJOR loss for the hip-hop community, he was truly one of the greats.  Let’s take a moment for a Gang Starr video and to say RIP to Guru you will be missed but your memory will live on through your music forever without a doubt!  On behalf of everyone here at CMYK Collectives let me say we send our deepest condolences to his family, friends, and fans.


19 Apr

If you like street art then you will definitely love this new film by Banksy. It’s called Exit Through The Gift Shop. A must see movie. Only playing at few selected theatres in the US. It is documentary on certain street artist but focuses more on the artist Thierry Guetta also known as Mr. Brainwash. Its probably one of the best street art movies I seen in a minute. A must add to your collection. Check out to see where its playing. Heres a trailor from the movie.

Exit Through The Gift Shop

Mr.Brainwash- Spok Monroe?

Can’t Wait!

19 Apr

I’m so stoked for this movie!!!