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PIXEL- by Patrick Jean

27 Jul

If you are a nintendo fan then you’ll definitely love this video.


MoMa PS1 Warm Up – Long Island City, NY

19 Jul

Check out Moma’s PS1 Warm up saturdays. For $15 dollars you can see different exhibitions of various  artist throughout the museum. Also you can party like a rockstar in the outdoor net area where theres a DJ spinning,  mini pool, water mist, bars and lots of excercise balls to jump around in. Check out some flicks from PS1 !!! For more info on PS1 Warm up  check out this link


15 Jul

If you like graffiti and street art then check out this exhibition called GRAFFOLUTION. This show will feature AnerA, ARMO, Royce Bannon, GIGI BIO, Maria “Toofly” Castillo, DIL, erotica, ETAKS.ONE, DANIEL KRAVE FILA, FUMERO, Ellis G, Josh Goldstein, CHARLIE GREEN, GRIMACE, CLARK FLY ID, Bader Israel, MASAHIRO ITO, Joe Iurato, JENEVEIVE, KA, Billi Kid, Abe Lincoln Jr., ROB LUCIANO, Meres, Nemo, SPAZECRAFT ONE, Eric Orr, RESKEW, RIBS, OLIVER RIOS, JOE RUSSO, Veng RWK, SANE2, SHINE, Sienide, SLAVE, SPAZECRAFTE, SAE STER, SUBTEXTURE, TMNK(NOBODY), 2ESAE & SKI UR NEW YORK, VICKIPAGES and Peat Wollaeger. The opening reception is tonite 7pm at the Soapstone Gallery in NYC.

Soapstone Gallery
11 W. 36th Street NYC