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Agenda: NYC July 10 & 11

4 Jul

The Agenda trade show is coming to New York City. Its a collaboration of mens streetwear, sportswear, lifestyle, culture and swag. You’ll find a lot of established players and upcoming upstarts to the scene. I actually attended an Agenda show back in 2005 in San Diego. Networked and met a lot of cool people. But overall good times. The only catch is that you have to be from the press, a buyer, a distributor or an exhibitor. Check out last years Agenda show in NYC . For more info check out


The Skunks!!

14 Apr

Check out these Nike SB’s, they’re the EXCLUSIVE 4/20 release.  These will definitely be in my collection!!

CMYK Wallet

8 Apr

If your a die hard CMYK fan like we are then check out this CMYK Wallet. Its tear resistant, waterproof and made from recyclable materials. A definite good buy. You can find this wallet at!