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Sneak Peak II…

15 Apr

 We are always coming up with crazy stuff here at CMYK Collectives. Now heres another sneak peak of what we have in store for you. With the right set of pictures, brushes, and a dope imagination you can get this!!

From Rae Alaman’s OtherWorld Series. NeverLandis. 2009


From Rae Alaman's OtherWorld Series. Cloud9. 2009


Sneak Peak…

15 Apr

Just a lil’ glimpse of some of what you’ll be seeing once we get the CMYK Collectives website up and running. This is a wallpaper I did just for fun with some images I found on the net and lil’ bit of that Photoshop magic. I hope you enjoy…more to come!!!!

Space City 1

Sequence I did of my Brother.  Photos courtesy of my good friend Joey S. (check out his blog

Steve Sequence