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15 Jul

If you like graffiti and street art then check out this exhibition called GRAFFOLUTION. This show will feature AnerA, ARMO, Royce Bannon, GIGI BIO, Maria “Toofly” Castillo, DIL, erotica, ETAKS.ONE, DANIEL KRAVE FILA, FUMERO, Ellis G, Josh Goldstein, CHARLIE GREEN, GRIMACE, CLARK FLY ID, Bader Israel, MASAHIRO ITO, Joe Iurato, JENEVEIVE, KA, Billi Kid, Abe Lincoln Jr., ROB LUCIANO, Meres, Nemo, SPAZECRAFT ONE, Eric Orr, RESKEW, RIBS, OLIVER RIOS, JOE RUSSO, Veng RWK, SANE2, SHINE, Sienide, SLAVE, SPAZECRAFTE, SAE STER, SUBTEXTURE, TMNK(NOBODY), 2ESAE & SKI UR NEW YORK, VICKIPAGES and Peat Wollaeger. The opening reception is tonite 7pm at the Soapstone Gallery in NYC.

Soapstone Gallery
11 W. 36th Street NYC


Mr Brainwash- Icons Show Pics!!

10 Jun

Check out the flicks from the Mr. Brainwash show in New York City! Unfortunately we did not meet MBW but we did manage to capture some cool flicks and some video. Stay tuned for the video clips from his show.


19 Apr

If you like street art then you will definitely love this new film by Banksy. It’s called Exit Through The Gift Shop. A must see movie. Only playing at few selected theatres in the US. It is documentary on certain street artist but focuses more on the artist Thierry Guetta also known as Mr. Brainwash. Its probably one of the best street art movies I seen in a minute. A must add to your collection. Check out to see where its playing. Heres a trailor from the movie.

Exit Through The Gift Shop

Mr.Brainwash- Spok Monroe?

Big Things To Come!!!

13 Apr

The streets are talkin’! They’re sayin’ CMYK Collective is about to turn the game around! Big things to come, from Jersey to Cali we do work! Check out what some of our friends are doing in the mean time while we get our heads right….

3-D Chalk Art

6 Apr


Have you ever walked around and seen art on the sidewalks? Well most of it comes from 3D artist Julian Beevers. Check out the you tube video to hear his story.