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Agenda: NYC July 10 & 11

4 Jul

The Agenda trade show is coming to New York City. Its a collaboration of mens streetwear, sportswear, lifestyle, culture and swag. You’ll find a lot of established players and upcoming upstarts to the scene. I actually attended an Agenda show back in 2005 in San Diego. Networked and met a lot of cool people. But overall good times. The only catch is that you have to be from the press, a buyer, a distributor or an exhibitor. Check out last years Agenda show in NYC . For more info check out


Megatron Bombs -by Ben Famous

20 Aug

Check out our boy Ben Famous. He rhymes, he designs and he’s from Jerzz. If you guys like real hip hop music then check him out..Don’t sleep! I still bump his album Hard+Work on my ipod. Here’s sneak peek of his new album cover being drawn up by CMYK artist Toast. For more info check out

Video by Ben Famous + Artwork by Toast

Siblings- Short Film

19 Aug

Check out this short film called “Siblings” by our homegirl KaoticBlazes’s little brother Mark. He’s only 15 but has mad creative skills in video editing. Stay tuned for more of his short films!