Fat Beats Retail Stores Closing!!

1 Sep

My earliest memory of Fat Beats NYC  was back in 94′ when I used catch a ride with ma dukes to Newark NJ because she worked right around the corner from Penn Station. I would catch the path train to New York City to 9th st. and hit up Fat Beats then grab a dog at Gray’s. Till this day I still hit up Fat Beats but not as often as I should but now Im gonna miss this store oddly enough. After 16yrs of providing music to DJ’s , Producers, Artists & Collectors. I am sad to announce that Fat Beats NY & LA are closing down their retail stores this week.  Don’t worry the online store will still be open!! Check out the flyer below to find out what artists will be in the store for their final week.

for more information check out www.fatbeats.com/blog


Bla Bla Bla Animation

26 Aug

Check out this song & animation by Gigi D’Agostino called Bla Bla Bla.

song by Gigi D’Agostino. Click here for the you tube link.

Megatron Bombs -by Ben Famous

20 Aug

Check out our boy Ben Famous. He rhymes, he designs and he’s from Jerzz. If you guys like real hip hop music then check him out..Don’t sleep! I still bump his album Hard+Work on my ipod. Here’s sneak peek of his new album cover being drawn up by CMYK artist Toast. For more info check out  www.benfamous.com

Video by Ben Famous + Artwork by Toast

Siblings- Short Film

19 Aug

Check out this short film called “Siblings” by our homegirl KaoticBlazes’s little brother Mark. He’s only 15 but has mad creative skills in video editing. Stay tuned for more of his short films!

Soperplexuhate Show Coming soon…

9 Aug

3 Dimensional Graffiti

3 Aug

Check out some these 3D Graffiti’s photos from coolpics.com

PIXEL- by Patrick Jean

27 Jul

If you are a nintendo fan then you’ll definitely love this video.